Build A Life Altering Business In Under 12 Weeks With The 100k Blueprint

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Productname: 100k Blueprint
Price: $1,997 One-time fee or 4 monthly payments of $597
Producttype: Business
Founders: Dan Dasilva

Product description

Dan Dasilva developed with The 100k Blueprint of a super simple, easy to follow eCommerce business strategy that anyone can follow without having to manage thousands of products. What makes this so much different is that there is no Amazon, Wholesale, No inventory, no branding, the store that is created only has 1 single product on it!

This model was created by a few individuals who realized having a single product in a store increased the credibility and the earning potential by almost 300%. With rising ad costs that means you can make money faster and without all the hassle of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of SKUs.

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